About Us

NorthWest Remedies Staff

Our compounding pharmacy utilizes specialized technique, equipment and expertise to customize remedies for the individual for a myriad of disease states. We advocate blending the best of Eastern and Western medicine & nutrition to PREVENT disease and deficiencies, while also being uniquely qualified to formulate treatments for a wide range of chronic and acute conditions. From the common cold to cancer, we are your go-to when you need a creative, innovative, “outside the box” solution!

We even treat head-lice naturally, on-site. We’ve had a 100% success rate for over a year now. This is a natural, guaranteed fix for those pesky pests that are now resistant to both over-the-counter and prescription treatments. Please visit www.ecolicer.com to find out how we can make this major headache go away—the first time!

We have also invested in partnerships that will impact our community directly, as well as programs that will bear fruit in areas where research and training is lacking and underfunded. One such program, which we became a sponsor of in 2014, is the Naturopathic Education & Research Consortium (NERC), whose purpose is to advance the field of naturopathic medicine through the funding of residency programs in various medical specialties.

Meet our Team

NorthWest Remedies Brad, Pharmacist

Brad, Pharmacist

Brad is a Washington State University College of Pharmacy graduate. He comes from a diverse background in community pharmacy, compounding, specialty and long term care. He’s been involved in research studies and is a consultant for pharmacies, long term care facilities, physician’s offices and surgical facilities. Prior to diving into pharmacy ownership in 2009, he also owned a pharmacist and technician staffing business.

Though Brad spends much of his time managing the business side of things, his particular interest is controlling inflammation, whether local or generalized. It seems to be the common thread in so many acute and chronic disease states. Controlling inflammation plain ole leads to a healthier, happier and longer life. Period.

Can I get an amen?


NorthWest Remedies Rosalee, Pharmacist

Rosalee, Pharmacist

Rosalee graduated from Massachusetts College of Pharmacy & Health Sciences. Through patient education and comprehensive consultations, she focuses on bio-identical hormone replacement therapy, adrenal fatigue, anti-aging and nutraceutical support with a commitment to revitalizing and maintaining optimal health. With over 2 decades of experience compounding medications for domestic and exotic animals, Rosalee also brings comfort and reassurance to pet owners.

She’s also the most positive person here. Hands down. It’s so annoying… Must be the Bikram Yoga.


NorthWest Remedies Mary, Pharmacist

Mary, Pharmacist

Mary is a pharmacist with 40 years of experience in community, hospital, long-term care and compounding. She is also a Certified Clinical Nutritionist. Oh, AND an actress, singer, costume designer, seamstress, airplane driver and queen of the quick quip. Her talents and interests are endless. A great example of what we can accomplish if we ditch the television.

Is there anything about Mary that isn’t awesome? Yes...She’s a Husky. Go Cougs!


NorthWest Remedies Jeremy, Pharmacist

Jeremy, Pharmacist

Jeremy is another Cougar Pharmacist, having graduated just behind Brad. He is the newest pharmacist on staff. Brad and Jeremy have a “rich” history, having worked together at Long’s Drugs many long years ago.

A born skeptic, Jeremy knows it’s best to not fully trust professional literature meant to increase sales of patented drugs. In his practice he has a particular interest in metabolic disease and diabetes. Being a part of this team allows him to explore and address foundational issues for treating and preventing those diseases.

By the way… don’t call him Jeremy. He only answers to Jermer.


NorthWest Remedies Cherry, Pharmacist

Cherry, Technician

Cherry has been compounding since 1995. After graduating from pharmacy tech school in San Diego, CA. She began her career working for University Compounding Pharmacy in San Diego for 6 years. In January 2002 she accepted a job offer from Randy Mentzer, R.Ph. CCN and has been our steady hand ever since.

In her “spare” time, Cherry loves smothering her 2 children, reading books and experimenting with different recipes for cookies and other fine confections. As best as we can figure, Cherry lives to test the will of her co-workers -- tempting them with her ridiculously good creations like gluten-free banana bread and Nutella-filled chocolate chip cookies. Of course we all work in a nutrition center, so it’s SUPER rare for anyone to give in… Or at least admit to it!


NorthWest Remedies Rosa, Pharmacist

Rosa, Technician

Rosa began her pharmacy career in 2001 and recently joined our team in 2014 with the acquisition of Degarmo’s Compounding Pharmacy. You’ll notice her infectious enthusiasm as she “spreads the word”, educating our community about the benefits of compounded medications!

Throughout the years Rosa has gained extensive knowledge in both marketing, sterile and non-sterile compounding.

In her free time she loves to hike, cook, spend time with her family and read through countless pages of compounding Policies & Procedures.


NorthWest Remedies Nathan, Pharmacist

Nathan, Technician

Hailing from Colorado Springs, CO, Nathan has now lived in Washington for 5 years. Over his 10-year career he has gained experience in both community pharmacy and compounding.

Being an avid hockey fan, Nathan and Brad naturally get along pretty well. In fact, let’s just be honest…. That’s how he landed the job.



NorthWest Remedies John, Pharmacist

John, Community Outreach Coordinator

John has been in marketing/outreach since 2013 and is currently working toward his Bachelors of Science in Biology degree at Saint Martin's University. In his down time John goes outside to hike, mountain bike, spend time with his family and shave his eyebrows (inside joke!). He really likes being a part of the NW Remedies team as they continue to promote healthy living for all.